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A place to keep tabs on my side projects, inspiration, etc.

Strait to the Prose

Mixtape cover for my boyfriend, Myles. Used Photoshop to create this back when Photoshop still frustrated the heck out of me. This somehow came together really smoothly though and I was (and still am) proud of the final product. Created this in June/July 2017. 

A few inspiration and process photos below:

Jenna Godfrey
Boss Up, Ball Out

Made this poster back in October 2016 for my friend Zeina's birthday. The phrase is her creation (BUBO!). The font (free) is Cocogoose.

This one took me a while but I love the ultimate result, even as I write this 1.5 years later! Process photos can be found below:


Jenna Godfrey
The Blood

Printed this poster on metal as a memento for my friend, Kelaine. The quote is from Mozart in the Jungle S1. Fonts are free – Acier BAT Text Gris from Typekit and American Authors from Dafont. Made using Adobe Illustrator in January 2018. 

This one took me longer than I thought it would and I can't say I'm 100% happy with it but that's part of the game of design. I liked that I ended up with this minimal red-lined soundwave concept – an abstraction of the quote itself. By the way, "the blood" refers to passion, not the death or menstrual variety of blood. The bright colors popped really nicely when printed on metal.

Check out earlier versions below – it was a wild and winding path to this end design.


Jenna Godfrey
Retrobics Wordmark

Created a fun wordmark for Retrobics (think '80s style aerobics set to high-energy tunes). Love that the R looks like a dancer – thanks to the free font Streamster. Used Photoshop for this. Made in March 2018.

Jenna Godfrey